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How to get a new rider account

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does anyone know of or have any experience with how to delete a rider account and getting a new rider account without having to change the phone number
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Different email address = Fresh 5 star rating

Name can be the same.
Payment method can be the same.
Phone number can be the same. (This may have changed)
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i was hoping no one reply these that soon especially in thse forum a lot of rider can look up here
i was thinking, i ll pm u after the surge time.
prevent rider do dodgy thing
It also highlights the utter crap that Uber bang on about driver safety whereby the driver and rider supposedly have their details exchanged before any transaction.

Cool, so this guys name was actually BirdEgg!? o_O

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you might want to edit this to prevent people see it
pax gonna treat driver like shit
if they know that easy to open a new account
I think it's important to dispel the myths, truth and honest should prevail.

Many media outlets scour this forum :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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