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First, do your standard Googling and any common problems will pop up. A few websites out there devoted to logging in problems. For example, "Toyota Camry common problems" Second, go to Autotrader and look for high miles cars being sold at dealerships. Look for the free Carfax. Any dealership work to the car will show up on the Carfax. Third, Consumer Reports and JDPowers.

In the NYC area, the gold standard seems to be anything Toyota or Chevrolet Suburban. Whatever you see the yellow cab drivers frequently use is usually good. For example, the standard yellow cab car seems to be the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Now and then the yellow cabs will experiment with a car like the Ford C-Max. It looks like the C-Max was a passing fad.

The two standard cars in the NYC car industry right now are the Toyota Camry Hybrid and the Chevrolet Suburban.
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