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How much does it cost in your area to get two rear drum brake shoes replaced?

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Just asking to make sure I don't get ripped off when looking for a mechanic
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Just asking to make sure I don't get ripped off when looking for a mechanic
Well first of all you've got your terminology all messed up if it's got brake drums it's called brake shoes if it's got rear rotors it's called brake pads so which is it and if you tell me what make model and year of vehicle you have and whether it has rear drums or rear disc I can tell you exactly what it should cost.
Brake shoes are 15.00 turn the drums 20.00 and one hour labor, so 200.00 would be close, but if you're not careful where you take it they'll tell you that the drums can't be turned and that the wheel cylinders are leaking and you'll pay $500 if you let him take advantage of you. You can probably buy the drums from AutoZone for 25 to $30 a piece and you can buy the wheel cylinders for about 20 bucks a piece and do the job yourself.
I understood everything except this. What does turn the drums mean?
Today it's almost as cheap to buy new drums and rotors then it is to have them turned by that what I mean is they put them on a lathe and they smooth them out take out the rough edges so that you can use new brake shoes and new brake pads but every brake rotor and every brake drum has a minimum thickness and once you have reached that it's unsafe to turn the brake drums are the rotors forcing you to replace them, in a lot of cases even if there's enough metal left to turn the rotor or the drum a lot of cases especially with rotors once they've been turned more than once they will heat up and Warp which will cause disc brake pulsation or another words when you step on the brakes the car is going to shake
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