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How Do I Buy Uber Stock?

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Hello everyone,
Would anyone be able to let me know how to buy Uber stock , I hear that it will be offered on Monday? Any ideas
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thank you my friend, it's just that I never purchased stock before and I don't know how especially when it is IPO !
IPO offerings are only offered through special brokers who have bought a ton of it before trading begins. The average person can't get the IPO price.

You will need to talk to a broker and they can see if they can get any on your behalf. But you would need about 100k for anyone to work on getting you any.
I think you have option to any IPO stock..
Thru Weathsinple or questrade..
Also big question for OP?
Why you want to buy at IPO?
The stock price will be half the price a month later..

If you know anything in stock market..
You want to invest in company that will make a profits in the future..
Uber is not one of them.
Not for the special price they set. You can get it For the open trade price.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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