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how did you do last week?

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this is a friend of mine who i'm monitoring and giving tips:


$1366.25 (amount deposited to bank)

half was boost and surge.

  • Trip Earnings$1436.40
  • Deductions & Fees$0.00
  • Incentives and Other Payments-$80.15 (gasoline card)
Estimated payout$1356.25

  • Completed Trips
  • Online Hours
    52h 5m
  • Acceptance Rate
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meh, ok week for me, took a lot of pools to keep my trip count up. only did wednesday-saturday evening/nights

$1103 net includes:

-$88 fuel rewards
+$5.35 promotion (for logging in issues)

98 trips
34hr 25 min

nobody put mileage here but I'll share mine, 653 total miles, from home to back home when I'm done.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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