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Do you dare spray air freshner with a smelly pax in your car?

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I dont mean to be racist, but i have noticed that Indian people seem to smell little bit funky. I wish i could tell them or whoever smells horrible to start using Antiperspirant
Not racist just speak the truth.
And yes people from the Middle East, not all, but most seem to not use anything.
A person last year kept complaining about the smell of that demographic of people when they drove for Uber. I laughed do to knowing very well since I dealt with Saudi's on a one on one basis yrs ago that bathed in cologne. And if they didn't the body odor was to much.
But hey if the funk don't keep the flies away at least it will kill them.

I luckily never had to deal with this driving for Uber do to normally its 4 or more needing a ride.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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