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Happened to me as well when I first started driving guarantees, My practice now is to as Sure says, Complete an extra trip or 2 for insurance, But if you can't, Log off about 5 min before the hour, You'll only be missing out on a few bucks but with assurance you haven't blown your guarantee.
Question Please Clarify:

So are you saying that you must log off exactly at the end of the hour in order to qualify ?

So, if you worked 2 1/2 hours of a four hour guaranteed block and completed 4 rides, you will not qualify for the time you spent online?
Or, you will not qualify for the Half hour?

So, if you work the 6am-10am guaranteed period and complete 2 rides every hour, you must log on exactly at 6am and log off exactly at 10am?

You are saying that if you cannot meet the ride requirement before the hour, you should log off, right?

If they are saying the minimum rides per guaranteed hour is 1.5 , I always try to complete 2 rides or more for every guaranteed hour I work. Right?
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