Hi everyone. Thanks for your well wishes. I've been getting numerous PMs with concerns. Sorry for totally disappearing but as my fever climbed and my breathing became more and more shallow, I actually found it very difficult to read or type. I was only able to pop in every few hours for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time and read a few PMs to respond or like a couple of posts I came across. I see I have close to 1000 alerts, (wow I'm missing a lot :biggrin:) and I will go through them when I can. I've been very curious what's going on with the forum and miss you all, but I simply could only scan a couple posts in a threads at a time before I became dizzy and had to lay back down.

So I'm getting dizzy again now so I'm going to copy much of what I was communicating in PM with updates, as its takes forever to type.

So yes last week I tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid 19.) Because my symptoms weren't severe they had me go home to quarantine which I did. However my symptoms began to get worse.

My doctor called me later to tell me I also developed pneumonia due to the coronavirus. My prior Xrays had been inconclusive. They prescibed me antibiotics which had little effect. Friday 03/20/2020, my breathing became so shallow I ended up in the hospital in the Coronavirus ICU ward. What had happened was my lungs were filling up with fluid and I was slowly drowning. I spent all day hooked up to machines.

They stuck a long needle into my chest to drain off most the fluid and they have me on aggressive medications now. The doctors told me that because I have pneumonia I have become part of the high risk group and will now be treated as such. They say we are going to fight this, and I do have my youth and overall physical health on my side.

The doctor told me that its obvious I'm strong and have a good chance. He said the way my breathing was and how high my fever was when I walked in, he had not seen in someone actually walking and standing. He said usually people in my state come in in a gurney in the back of an ambulance. So, I have a strong body. That's good. I've got a good chance of recovery.

Look I was the "Warning Contaminated Area Do Not Enter without CAPR."



When I first walked into the ER, the doctors heard my breathing and knew I had something else going on so they put me in an isolation room while many of the other sick were down in the makeshift ward with one another. Everyone running around in hazmat suits. Chaos.

There are two strains of the virus so far. I do not have the one that's killing most the people. As I said it was chaos in there. People all around moaning in pain, coughing, puking, shitting themselves with very watery diarrhea.

A really old lady was in a separate isolation room across the hall from me. I was on oxygen and an EKG. They performed new Xrays and saw this big fluid mass, mostly in my left chest area. They stuck a really big needle in between my ribs and drained it. Then they reinflated my left lung.

I watched the doctors having a serious discussion about me and they worried that my exposure to the patients with the severe strain could turn my condition far worse since I'm now in the high risk group with my pneumonia for this thing being fatal. There's two strains of the virus they said, and it's still mutating. I don't have the most aggressive and serious strain......yet.

So after 6 hours they doctors came in and told me that my blood oxygen was good, my organs were stable, and I was breathing on my own. So for my safety they were releasing me to my home quarantine. They said because of my pneumonia I have to pretend I'm in the same category as a 90 year old woman until my lungs heal. They said even though I was in an isolated room it was not "hermetically sealed." There are still air vents and the space under the door. They said this is only a county hospital and they are not set up for this chaos. They said really only one hospital is (Harborview) and they are already filled solid with the most critical.

Right now Seattle is being hit hard and no one was prepared for it. The doctors themselves sounded stressed and frightened. They told me because of Seattle being one of the epicenters, hospitals are only keeping the most critical and sending the "Walking Wounded" home. Of course call 911 if my breathing changes.

They did not treat me for Coronavirus. There is no cure and the only treatment is in the hospital with having patients on oxygen and rotating them in their beds. Assisting when they need it. I'm being treated for the pneumonia only. That's all they can treat. They've got me on heavy antibiotics and medications. The Coronavirus has to pass on it's own and it will.

I caught this from my coworker, who was coughing profusely next to me for days before finally going home with (the flu 🙄) Many of my other coworkers have also contracted it it most have recovered. Its only 3 others besides myself who got hit harder. I have it the worse but the doctors said it was my history of asthma that made me more susceptible. (So be careful all those with upper respiratory ailments.)

Just stay away from people in public. Not everyone who has Coronavirus displays any visible symptoms. I saw other patients sitting quietly in the Coronavirus ward looking perfectly normal as they looked through their phones. They cannot be in the ward unless they have it. They were wearing those cheap cotton masks but they showed no signs of coughing or sweating at all. So guys please be careful. Wash your hands, and again stay away from everyone in public. Be safe.

Thanks again for all your well wishes. ❤❤ I will show my presence daily but as I really can't stay on very long at a time.

I have to rest now. Badger out.


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Get well soon to our dearest @Lissetti.