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Had this happen a couple times recently....

Had fares that were canceled for one reason or another (e.g. no-show or no child seat), but I should have been paid the cancellation fee only to see $0.00 for the trip on the app.

Got in touch with support via email describing the problem each time (including date, time, location) only to have an idiotic canned response telling me I must supply them with Trip ID before they can help. One problem....as far as I can tell, trip ID is no longer available to partners on requests that never turned into trips. Regular Uber support kept telling me to go to this place or that in the app (or online) to find it, but it simply isn't where they say it is.

After multiple traded emails, both times they "mysteriously" find the trip ID, but then send it to me asking me to somehow confirm this is the correct ID....*facepalm*.

Fortunately, I learned yesterday how to avoid the India fiasco altogether and expedite the resolution.....contact my local state's Uber support team via Twitter.

I can see inspirational posters in every cube of the support center now....... "Frustration.....our #1 tool to save the company $4".
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