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Hello everybody, I am Victoria, although a lot of friends call me Vic, which I don't mind.

I have chosen Vic Moretti as my avatar as my friends say we look so similar, we could be twins. :)

(Obviously, my surname isn't Moretti) but, it is funny that I have spent the last 10 years in the NT working in a similar capacity to her.

Things got a bit stale and unfortunately, I needed a work and relationship change. Anyhow, here I am now, in the bright, bright lights of Adelaide.

Wow, what a change of pace :)
Although, I am a newbie on the board, I have been looking in here, on and off for the past two months.

Now that I have just started driving with Uber, I thought I should make my presence known on the forum.

There truly is a goldmine of information here and I have learnt an enormous amount about the various rules and regulations, what to expect and what is required.

I have read the forum guidance and that in itself, is a fountain of knowledge.

Some of the ideas presented here are a bit out there, but I can also see enormous potential to value add to the basic service.

I am sure there will be heaps of questions I need to ask as I go forward, so please be patient with me.

I would also like to contact some members off the board, if that is permissible. There are some ideas that I would like to explore further which haven't been fully presented on the forum.

I hope to share my experiences and look forward to making some friends here.
Thanks :):)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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