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Hey Reno-ites who's killing it in Tahoe this weekend?

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I haven't been to South Shore yet, but have had a couple Incline Village trips where I hung after hoping for ride back to town. No joy there, but did score a couple sweet Incline local pops with surge! Somebody's got to be raking in South Shore, holler!
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Never got that email, just heard about it from other drivers. Seemed like sweet deal. If I get a Tahoe run today, I may hang by the lake for a bit. Guarantee or not, S Lake was surging 3-6x consistently while I was up the road in Incline and I did 2 short local hops there for a quick $18. I imagine S Lake would be worth some time...
I believe it! I was cleaning up in Incline again tonight at 5x surge, ride after ride, till the ap froze after clicking start trip on my latest ride. Ap just froze in the loading phase and remained frozen. Completed that ride, ap still frozen. Couldnt get back on line said screw it and went home to Reno. Once home, the ap came back and I was able to complete that ride. Yep drop off was my home and fare was $243.00 for a 5 minute local ride in Incline! Yikes! Notified Uber immediately of course. Hope they fix asap or my rider will plotz! Would've loved to continue in Incline, ap was just too f'd up! Sucks, missed out on a lot of huge rides! Anyone else experience trouble with the ap down there?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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