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X-post from Annapolis Forum (since nobody reads that anyways)

Hey MD drivers. So I live in OC and I've gotten several complaints from PAX about drivers coming and working in OC for the weekend. Personally, I don't really care; you are all gone when I make most of my money anyways, and you don't know the spots like I do.

But if you don't live here, and you don't know how Coastal Highway works, just stay home. Honestly you are only going to hurt your ratings and you aren't going to get as many pings as you think. I can't imagine the math makes sense, even if you end up sleeping in your car or on the beach during the day. I've seen lots of drivers making stupid and sometimes dangerous mistakes because they don't know where to drop people off or pick people up, particularly at hot spots like Seacrets and Fagers. According to many of my PAX, they have been rated accordingly...

So either wise up, or stay out, because you are going to end up hurting yourself the most.
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