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It's designed to help when the car is getting an oil change or something similar , it's supposed to be a short term solution.

I don't think hertz is winning out of this deal those sentras have to be sold off at a huge loss if you ask me, the cars are trashed inside including the engine, 200$ for a car getting over 1000 miles a week ?! Enterprise is out and xchange leading is winding business down ( no money to be made) on the other hand maven is just getting warmed up lol but it's GM they don't have to be profitable, I believe they will collect data from those cars for self driving and mapping efforts.
For a 30 minute oil change?

I agree it's definitely an option and also agree with the previous post about it being short term. The problem is most are using it as a long term alternative and frankly the cost doesn't justify it at all, imo. I see too many post about driver being dependent on these rentals and it's a little disheartening because I understand some have very limited options. In end, much like this job, no one should really look at this gig as a long term option at all. The hours put in and the wear and tear on the body isn't good. It's the reason I drive less rideshare lately and am happy to do 30 hours a week and balance it with some amazon flex to get the little exercise, and tbh, the respite from pax.
I tried amaz flex 3 x. The boxes, order, and app didn't work and warehouse staff unhelpful. How did you figure out how to do it?
And i used to deliver mail for post office which was easy, and deliver pax for uber, which is easy. I wanted to do amaz flex but can't figure out HOW to do it. They're training videos area USELESS.
Was thinking of paying someone to ride along with for a few hours. You game?

I have been using hertz for last 10 months and I can guarantee that I have put more than 100k miles on that cars between uber and personal use. Drove several times to San Diego and LA. Yes I have charged over 8k to my cc, but if I would bougth a car from a dealer I would have a debt and a junk car for about the same money. How much would cost me to put over 100k on my own car? Payments, insurance, tires, brakes, oil changes. I doubt I could make it with 8k. And like SirSurge said the peace of mind driving a rental is priceless, most uber riders abuse, not their car not their problem.
I want a rental!!! How get rid of my car that i owe $30k on (because i traded in 2 other cars that weren't right for Uber. Stupid uncomfortable prius. Chevy volt, bad back seat for 3 pax) and it's 50 k mls (dealer will only give me $13k for it today). Then I'm still out $17k. Wtf I'm going to do? Can't keep doing Uber but now i have to. Or get my body in shape and get a regular job. But that will take at least a month of no driving, which i can't afford. Wish i had a rental from beginning. My car payments are $800 interest free for 5 years (til may 2021).
Turo -rent your car- only pays about $40 day. And unstable income.
Currently due to body pain from Uber i can only drive about 2 days a week, can't even do that but have to. Then once i start driving i feel fine and keep going. But when i get out...ouch. and can't sleep either from the pain. Everywhere from big right toe to nose
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