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Uber driver charged with raping passenger in Virginia Beach

An Uber driver was arraigned Tuesday on rape and abduction charges accusing him of sexually assaulting a woman who had called for a ride in one of the city's upscale, waterfront neighborhoods.

Sewanou Bisile Yoro, 34, of Norfolk, was arrested Monday and charged with abduction, rape and aggravated sexual assault. He is being held without bond in the city jail.

Police said the victim was picked up Saturday night and assaulted sometime between 9:34 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. in the Bay Colony area on Linkhorn Bay near the Oceanfront.

A bail determination checklist in Yoro's court file said he's been driving part-time for Uber for two to three years and earned about $350 a week. It also indicated that he had no prior criminal history, has lived in the area since 2010, and owns a 2009 Mitsubishi.

The arrest warrant stated that the victim was an adult, but provided no other information about her.

During the brief arraignment hearing Tuesday, Yoro told General District Judge Gene Woolard that he lives alone in Norfolk. The judge appointed a public defender for him and set a preliminary hearing date of May 4.

Uber has struggled in the past with some high profile sexual assault cases regarding its drivers.

The Washington Post reported last November that the company had to settle a lawsuit brought by two women who said Uber was responsible for sexual assaults by drivers contracted with the company.

The company was the target of a 2015 lawsuit when a Virginia Beach driver harassed and assaulted a 13-year-old girl. The driver, Isagani A. Marin, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge the same year and received a six-month suspended sentence, The Virginian-Pilot reported at the time.

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Trump will unleash ICE on him.
Just because he has a Somalian sir name doesn't mean that we look at him any different. Remember he was just arrested. He has not been found guilty in a court of law. I think Uber needs to reactivate him. I'm sure that mothers around the country would love this guy to pick up their children from school. He could still be a valuable asset for the company.
That bullcrap politically correct statement was brought to you by "We Live in Such a Loving World".

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These drivers who rape their pax. They have your name, photo, make of the car, and plate # in the app. Contact Uber and they have your home address.

Horny and stupid.
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