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i been telling the board . for 5 years food delivery sucks.
only private pizza places in your area pay well.
i brought and sold homes a long time. and picked up a pizza job in south philly many years ago. i still miss the pay . not the job. about 5 places u can make $200 every nt. x 5 to 6 . 6 hour shifts. not now with virus. risk reward is great. minimum risk great reward. 90 % are regular customers.
my point is doing eats is horrible.
many professional people choose these jobs or wait till they become available. as the xtra money 2 to 3 nights a week . is a mortgage payment.....i went from professional person. to this. as my buddy talked me into this. at first i was no way.
football Sundays 100 + deliverys some 60 ft. away
miles on 100 stops 90 miles away. week nt 50 stops 40 miles.
no insurance risks. as owners will say you are a. cook.
fast forward to insta. cart. GTFO. you shop for them and they take your money back....NFW
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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