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BREAKINGSelf-employed help capped at £2,500 per month
Rishi Sunak says self-employed people facing financial difficulties will be able to have 80% of their monthly wages covered by the government.
He says this will be calculated using average monthly profits over last three financial years.
He says support will be capped at £2,500 per month, and will initially last three months.
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Coming in June so not happening anytime soon.
Says it's back dated.
We shall see.
Got to be better than a kick in the goolies:smiles:
I wasn't expecting anything to be honest.
I only got the hump when someone pointed out why should you use your savings when peeps on paye not.
And before people get excited about free money coming in, please remember that the Chancellor will claw it back in the future in one form or another.

So don't go and spend it all at once.
I've always said that in most countries that you go to work and enjoy spending the money that you earn and in Britain you go to work and the government enjoy spending your hard earned money for you .😂👍🏼😂
My Dads moto was "you get nowt for nowt"
Not for those who can play the system.
To true.
I knew someone that had bought Audi TT and on the dole.
Admittedly it wasn't a brand new TT but still had it.

is it 80% or UP TO 80%?
80% max payment £2500 pm.
Those who earn over £50k pa not eligible.
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Everybodys gonna be paying more tax this April in order to get more money! lol
At least people will know how I felt in 1988 .😂👍🏼
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