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Help from government for taxi and private hire drivers

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Please it’s a very serious question, are there any chances that government will help private hire, taxi driver or you can say all self employed, as I am a private hire driver driving for Uber for almost 5 years and now sitting at home with fever and body pain and constant thinking how going to pay bills and rent
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If its based on previous returns all the billy liars are going to feel gutted and wishing that they hadn't lied on them.
Bless them.

Anyone with a fully functioning brain know that you are on your own and just an insignificant piece of dust in their machine. They know drivers are going to work even if sick, so as long as those 25% keep rolling in, their "workforce" will get jack sh1t and come running back when this blows over
AKA collateral damage.
You lot should be grateful that ubers got this deal for you. Local office won’t have anything like this.
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Every self employed person should have insurance to cover this .
Not sure if it would.
Some of my friends had it yonks back.
Covers for illnesses etc
Brilliant, I pay mine, glad to.
I don't think we'll get anything to be honest.
Be nice though.
Paid for doing nothing.
This the media and Martin Lewis trying to force Tory maharajah.
Until it's in my bank.
They can say what they like.
End of.
Wish you quick recovery. Something telling me the government will also help taxi ph drivers.

Please go to my website, where you find a lot of information to help you to recover; www.healthy4ever.uk
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I guarantee it on your life I can cure it.

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So can I!
You show me yours --- And I'll show you mine.
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