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Received my daily SMS text message (~ 6:48 am) to "Head to the DCA lot" to quickly receive an airport request!!! As usual I had a passenger in the car. But this time, that pax was going to DCA and, in fact, I was about to drop him off!!

Quickly went to the DCA lot -- breathless with anticipation :rolleyes:-- and I did notice an eye-widening 83 parking spaces available. Even more breathless now -- I turned into the lot and waited for an immediate ping. But -- and you-all know where this is going -- no pings were there; the queue bar showed up with a 24 - 45 minute wait !!

I think we can safely ignore these alerts!!

Did I actually wait? F no. went to pingier pastures and easily found 1.6 ride with a few minutes. Waiting would have been the wrong decision, no doubt about it!
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