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You asked if anybody had experience going years without paying taxes

Yes, I have. When the IRS caught up with me it was 10 years. I hired a guy and we put together the 10 years of returns and submitted them. ezpz

But then the real problems started. The IRS tried to collect what they said I owed. and they were probably right with their calculations. I avoided them for ten years and then took advantage of the 10 year rule. I asked that they give up and leave me alone...and they did


My advice is do what I say, not what I did...File those tax returns (with or without the help of a professional) as soon as possible. Then work with the IRS (with or without a lawyer experienced in these matters) to work out a payment plan

Do it now,,,it wont go away
In the 10 years they tried to collect they never filed liens?
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