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Has Uber always been paying the difference on Quests for quota #2?

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I saw there was a promo this week. A Quest of $90 at 40 rides, and it then shows "+$135" at 60 rides. Though it's been awhile since I've completed both tiers in a quest, I would SWEAR on my life that I would get paid the face value of the advertised promo upon hitting each number of rides as shown. Instead, today, I met my 60 for the week, and got paid the DIFFERENCE, which was and extra $45 for meeting 60 rides, instead of the shown extra $135. Called Uber's powerless Philippian pretend customer service, and they told me it's been this way forever. I've been going back on my payment statements to prove them wrong, but I can't make heads or tails of it when I search. When did this change? Am I crazy? Was it really always this way and I'm just losing my mind? I swear it used to be first bonus, PLUS second bonus at each achieved goal marker. Can anyone validate this one for me?
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I'm so confused now.
It's always been this way. You never get the first then the 2nd tier bonus, if you make it to the second tier that's the bonus that you get.
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