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Has Uber always been paying the difference on Quests for quota #2?

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I saw there was a promo this week. A Quest of $90 at 40 rides, and it then shows "+$135" at 60 rides. Though it's been awhile since I've completed both tiers in a quest, I would SWEAR on my life that I would get paid the face value of the advertised promo upon hitting each number of rides as shown. Instead, today, I met my 60 for the week, and got paid the DIFFERENCE, which was and extra $45 for meeting 60 rides, instead of the shown extra $135. Called Uber's powerless Philippian pretend customer service, and they told me it's been this way forever. I've been going back on my payment statements to prove them wrong, but I can't make heads or tails of it when I search. When did this change? Am I crazy? Was it really always this way and I'm just losing my mind? I swear it used to be first bonus, PLUS second bonus at each achieved goal marker. Can anyone validate this one for me?
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Screw all those Uber promotions. They word them deceptively, and their only motivation is to get you to shut off your Lyft app.
If accepting long-distant Uber pings to go deliver a 3 block ride to some ghetto pax is your idea of a "promo," then I wish you luck.
Okay, agreed. But how's that relate to my question?
The answer to your question is: YOU GOT SCREWED!
Welcome to Uber!
I'm so confused now.
Great! You sound like the perfect candidate for Uber/Lyft. :D
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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