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On 7/12 I get an e-mail from Uber saying my insurance card will expire in 30 days and I need to upload a new one. On Wednesday 7/27 I paid my insure had my agent fax me the new card and then uploaded it to Uber.

This morning 7/29 I head down to OC (three hour drive) to Uber today and tomorrow. I got on MD 90 and turned the app on as is my habit to see if I could get a ride in from Ocean Pines. When I turned the app on I got a message saying Congradulations you have successfully submitted all my documents to uber and would be notified when my account was activated....

WTF? I have been driving for Uber for 4 and a half months! How did my account get deactivated and why I wasn't notified that it had been? I send a help request to Uber this is at 1:15pm asking them why it was deactivated and to please help getting it turned back on as I had driven 170 miles and 3 hours to Uber in OC. I get a response 9 minutes later saying I had to submit insurance info and car registration. WTF again? I respond again that this is BS I submitted new Ins info this week and my registration is up to date (1 1/2 to expire) but I send another pic of the registration anyway and ask again could they please help as soon as possible as I was a long way from home.

At 2:25 I ask to be let known if it would be possible to get an idea of whether I would be approved today as if not I would head home again BEGGING for their help. Still no response by 3:45 so I start to head home.I am checking e-mail every 10 minutes on the drive home. Right after crossing the Bay Bridge and am getting close to BWI I get an e-mail at 6pm saying it was all cleared up and just turn my device off and on and I would be back online (which I was)

Why would they deactivate my account and not notify me? Dont they think that might be info I might need before I head out to drive? and why do they have to deactivate an account to review new docs when the old docs havent expired yet? I mean come on Uber I know you dont care about us drivers but you dont have to work against us

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Lmfao you drove to OC for beach rides!! Dirt, wet, full of sand drunk passengers going on shorter trips than DC or Baltimore. Just the gas and toll over the bridge kills whatever you would have made....
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