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View attachment 46520 Uber and lyft guys or chics , it's their habit which ultimately led to the gig's downfall

Just always bragging about made up money smh lyft is busy in SF just started driving again this week basically when am not chasing guarantees I do lyft

Chasing surge or prime time doesn't work on lyft literally lyft primitively is repelled by your car !! You approach and it disappears to remain on areas around your car :( only between 7 and 10am can you chase ! but even if he is doing 2 hours in the morning for 100$ where is the other 100$ coming from . he is messing with you lol it's busy but 20$ hr busy
I think that the "ride payments" is totally misleading since it doesn't subtract the Lyft fee. What driver cares about what the rider's pay? They only care about the amount they will receive, which is the small print in the "express pay" window. At least that is one thing Uber is superior.

In any event, I decided to take a couple of Lyft rides last week. My payout was $10.92 for those rides. I was just disgusted.
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