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Has anyone applied for the unemployment benefits?

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Florida's UI seems to have to been updated to include self employed people, but it's kind of confusing..

This is what I'm talking about. It says it wants me to put my gross wages from periods 1/1/19 to 3/21/2020, the date I last drove, but when I do it says the wage entry isn't an acceptable format? wtf?

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Yes, that was it.

No commas :rolleyes:

I just submitted my claim. Other than the website designed by monkeys it was pretty easy, what was the fuss about?
Sorry bud but they have not updated the website to accommodate Uber drivers yet. That is the same form they've had for 10 years.

Good luck.
oh, ok

I just figured they updated it because they had questions asking if you were impacted by Covid-19
I applied 10 days ago. I'm told I should apply for my first week of benefits this Tuesday. Not expecting anything. Certainly not the $600. I'll let you know...
Well my claim was submitted, we'll see if they approve me. Did you have to apply to a separate site?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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