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Hartford Uber drivers protest, put service in park

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Look at the rider app. Its not happening unfortunately. A lot of idiots. Soon the whole, state will be, at 1.10 an hour.
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It's a start!
i pinged a driver and it was one of the drivers dancing in the rain at the morning rally. anyone driving at $1.10 a mile is doing it for free after calculations
I was silent over the weekend but for other reasons. I heard about the meeting yet had the opportunity to randomly lurk on the Rider App. too. Between Friday and Saturday when the chance to randomly lurk occurred there was no less than 19 drivers active around the "Busy" areas.

Though it was the inaugural meeting of communications & solidarity I truly believe that strength lies in the supporting numbers. I can only encourage all drivers in Htfd. County to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Again, I read the link to the media story and again was taken back on how loosely Matt reiterates the empathy towards (All) Driver Partners contained within the scope of his (But most probably UBER's Public Relations) press release.

Again, I ask Matt & his higher ranking officials to share with the Driver Partner enMass your definition of the term and subsequent words "Driver Partner" & "Partner". "Houston we have a problem".

Uber Senior Leadership, as a company you lack soul. As a melenial business your operations are devoid of culture. In second year MBA curriculum one learns ( And applies) about identifying with those that will be your engine of infinite success. UBER's Drivers are that instrument!

Yes, your market valuation has surpassed $51B US but what have you learned about harnessing both positive and negative feedback- To define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC- Six Sigma) so to incessantly set your objective for Kaisen!

"Just my opinion, I could be wrong" DMiller
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