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Lessons learned. Feel free to add your own.

1: Having backaches after a day of driving? If it hurts on one side it's likely your using one hand/arm to steer with, likely the left as the right is available to phone etc. Use BOTH hands on the wheel, this balances your weight and reduces strain on your back. If you have to use just the left for a second, then balance the time using the right hand to steer for a minute.

If both sides of your back hurt, it's likely a bad seat or one not designed to match your body size.

2: Eating and drinking. Most all of the stuff sold in convenience stores will make you gain weight and slowly kill you. High sugar, especially added sugar, caffeine (makes you pee and lose water) and just general junk food will deteriorate your health and cause diabetes. (thirsty and peeing all night, blurred vision, numbed hands and feet etc.)

FYI Bread, wheat, rice and potatoes are all starches and convert to sugar which spike blood sugar levels. Too much body fat will inhibit the pancreas insulin production and cause blood levels to spike. A low carb diet reduces body fat and can stop or reverse diabetes if you catch it early enough. Which is hard to know because there isn't any signs until too late.

Take a slow day and do some shopping at the grocery store, buy a lot of healthy protein based foods low or no carbs, no added sugars etc. Almond milk, fiber foods like bran flakes, peaches etc. Especially a lot of nibble food because a low carb diet doesn't have all that energy that spikes blood sugar and protein provides steady energy all day instead of sudden shocks like energy drinks do. So your going to be eating more often all day, most likely in small frequent bits as not to spike the blood sugar levels.

A small bit of coffee in the morning is ok, just don't drink soda, tea or energy drinks all day and night, that will surely do you in. Keep nibble protein food in the vehicle and lots of water with electrolytes.

Make a set amount of hours to drive and discipline yourself to turn the dam app off when your tired. Consider going home and taking a nap during dead periods of the day. Uber now provides earning times in the driver app so you can come out when it's busy and offline napping when it's not. If you drive tired you may make mistakes and get nailed with tickets.

3. Get in about 20 minutes of sweaty exercise a day.

Good luck out there. 馃榿

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#1 Priority: Good Shoes. You will have feet pain if you don't wear proper shoes when driving. The wrong feet ANGLE to the gas pedal also will cause pain. The right shoe are low profile shoes.

#2: Get enough sleep. Without proper sleep, you will make stupid driving mistakes that will put you in great danger.

#3: STOP COMPLAINING. Uber and Lyft operated like thieves. Anger will cause depression.

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Good stuff here in this thread. I鈥檓 a health and fitness nut, so I appreciate this. I was surprised to see holding the wheel with both hands addressed. That is no joke. You will develop posture issues, just like people that carry briefcases all day in one hand. I had it at one time and had to work at fixing it. One arm was hanging lower than the other which is dangerous for weight training.

As far as diet, I stop at grocery stores for lunch instead of fast food. Although, places like Chipotle are pretty healthy if you order right. You can blunt the blood sugar spike by mixing foods, like eating bananas with meat. I usually consume most of my carbs around workouts (before and/or after) but I鈥檓 not a carbphobe by any means. I just prioritize my protein (roughly 1 gram per pound of my body weight) and get at least 20% of my macros in fats for hormone health. The rest of my calories come from anything after that.

Strive for 10k steps a day. Sitting all day is a killer. Reminds me of the song by Black Sabbath, Killing Yourself To Live. Speaking of heavy metal鈥ift some!

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I get out of my car and walk around it every 5/6 trips to stretch out my carcass.
Right, what is occurring here is while standing or sitting, you leg muscles are squeezing your blood vessels to assist in its circulation. They get tired and your legs get cramped. Although you may get out and stretch those legs, the leg muscles are still squeezing to get the blood back to your heart.

One actually has to LIE down or use an easy chair to lift the legs up to give those muscles a break. After about 20 minutes seems to work for me as I had to do it once in the bed of my truck while waiting for a high roller pax in the strip club. 馃槅

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Causes of diabetes

Sedentary lifestyle: Work from home being the main concern, sitting for 10-12 hours daily with no physical activity or restricted activities.

Eating habits: Irregular eating timings and habits such as late-night meals with high-calorie intake. Such habits tend to increase sugar levels and weight.

Work stress: Working for long hours with no breaks in between.

Sleep pattern: Change in sleeping pattern or lack of sleep.

Quantity and quality of food: Regularly consuming processed and packaged foods with high calories will inevitably lead to a rise in sugar levels in the body.


Persons with pre-diabetes may or may not be symptomatic. 鈥淭hey may present with increased thirst, increased urination, weight gain, or weight loss, headache, giddiness, sweating, blurred vision, and fatigue,鈥 said Dr Paula.

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Correctly they say, the main thing is discipline and time to say "enough." What helps me is a schedule for the day, a 5-minute walk/exercise, and nutritional support. Since he began to see badly at night, the ophthalmologist prescribed eye drops of vitamin A and to eat a lot of carrots. He said it is better to bake carrots with oil and spices than use it raw. Vitamins are better absorbed from it in this way, in particular, retinal
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