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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, and welcome to our 5th Annual UP.net What Are You Thankful For? thread and family food fight!

As usual, I've got a gratitude list a mile long; honestly, this year, it's not been hard to find something to be thankful for every day. That said, I want to hear from you guys. What's something that you are genuinely grateful for this year?

Safe travels to everyone hitting the road, and I hope the tips are plentiful for those who choose to drive or deliver tomorrow!

~MHR 馃槉

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Not sure if it's grateful and I'm not really sure if it's thankful, but I am honored to say thank you and it's been a pleasure to be acquainted with all you individuals.

Looking forward to another year with you dysfunctional and entertaining people.


Also cocaine and hookers.
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