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Happy Fathers Day Goobers

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hope everyone is enjoying their families today.❤
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Everyone has a sunburn in my family. #WinningFathersDay
Yay! Happy memories!! Get your burn on☀
Hit Meadowlands Racetrack last night to see the Trotters and the camel and ostrich races. Son is over the moon that one of the camels actually wanted him to pet its face. The handler laughed and let him continue until it was time to take them to the gate. Kid has a way with animals and bugs. Go figure.

Today it was the Fine Art & Craft show in Brookdale Park in Bloomfield/Montclair.

Good times.
Suz idk much about you either. If you're a single mom doing double duty mom/dad like me then I'm really happy you had such a nice day. Im sorry i was a ***** last summer but i was trying to pay bills. From what little i know from lightning you are a wonderful parent. I only wish you the best.
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