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Handing out 1 stars like an Oprah Special.

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So last night I needed 2 rides for Quest and I got a ping for a Poo ride. The first girl I pick up on Michigan and Walton and she is on the phone telling about the craziness happening on the red line. From what I gathered, the trains got shut down as a scuffle almost popped off between 200 kids and 50 police - yes cops were everywhere.

So then I get a rider added EXPRESS Poo. Ughhh ok is what it is. Got pissed cause I knew EP doesn't count towards quest. So I pick this E.P. girl up and she immediately says "I am not an air conditioning kind of person can you turn it off.?" I replied " You are sharing a ride and others may appreciate it. You can put the window down though." At that moment another E.P. rider gets added. Ok, wtf.

Pulling up to the stop where the E.P. rider should be, we wait for a minute(when its poo I wait as a means of protest when picking up poo) and the new E.P. rider gets in and says "You passed me up back there." "Well, I go where the GPS sends me, and this is where it said to pick you up." I replied.

After all of this excitement I get to the first stop, it's the regular Poo rider and the "Hey you passed me up" E.P rider. The EP rider said Ughhh, do I have to get out here I have to walk over to the next block. I said this is where it said your stop was. Then I get to dropping of the other E.P. rider and she proceeds to tell me the GPS was wrong and her house was just down the block. Ok, I thought, you are the last one in the car rather than get a 1 star let me treat you like the royalty you are and gave her front door service.

2 out of the 3 riders got a 1 star. Moral of the story Don't get sucked into Poo and if you do give them E.P. a 1 star if they have the audacity to feel privileged. You get a 1 star, You get a 1 star, and You get a 1 star.
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Yes I had an express pool and it showed the drop off 2 blocks ahead of the side street I was on. The pax said my house is here you can stop, ok whatever get out. Idk what Uber is trying to do with EP bc the price is cheaper and you get to chose from 4 pickup points within a block and the drop off points do not save any time or anything. It’s just a cheaper option to get volume of rides up I guess
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