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Had to do it again yesterday! Young guys with drinks!

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Yesterday (Saturday) I get an XL ping on St. Charles Ave. 6 young guys walking toward the vehicle and every one of them has either a red Solo cup or a can of beer in his hand. I make sure the doors are locked and drive away. I see one of them run into the street with his hands help up in the air like the "Touchdown Jesus" acting all surprised that I'm driving off and canceling the trip. I wonder if the next Uber they ordered actually took them in. Hope not. I saw in my trip list from yesterday that they were going to 634 Louisa St. (The Country Club). Seems like I have an issue with every one of my trips to or from that place, always involving young over-privileged punks!
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I had a young couple last night approach my car with beer in plastic cups. When they opened the back door, I told them they couldn't r ide with the open containers. I could see the liquid level in the cup was about 1/3 full. I told them if they wanted to finish the drinjs, I would wait a minute or two. They finished in a few minutes. They got in the car,they were from California, real nice people, and had a real nice conversation with them on the ride. Glad I didn't just keep going because they had drink cups.
Same thing happened to me outside of Ms Mae's. I told them if they wanted to finish their drinks, I'd encourage them with a few "Chug, chug, chug!"'s. They did, and eventually tipped at the end. Tact is key.
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You're lucky...that case was the exception. Keep it up and your rating will undoubtedly begin dropping.
What's your current rating?
4.91. Still under 100, though. I've done it a few times with no rating repercussions. Like I said, tact is everything.
I used to agree with you then one weekend I happened to not get a single group with alcohol and my ratings were the highest ever. It doesn't matter how tactful you are, some riders are going to be jerks and low star you for refusing to break the law, even if they act ok with it at the time. You'll learn.
After having worked in retail and law enforcement for as long as I have, I've accepted this as fact early on. It doesn't bother me one bit. Worrying about ratings is sweating the small stuff in the long run.

As long as I keep hearing about shitty Uber drivers still doing their thing, I know I'll be safe as long as I stay tactful and safe.
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