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Had to do it again yesterday! Young guys with drinks!

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Yesterday (Saturday) I get an XL ping on St. Charles Ave. 6 young guys walking toward the vehicle and every one of them has either a red Solo cup or a can of beer in his hand. I make sure the doors are locked and drive away. I see one of them run into the street with his hands help up in the air like the "Touchdown Jesus" acting all surprised that I'm driving off and canceling the trip. I wonder if the next Uber they ordered actually took them in. Hope not. I saw in my trip list from yesterday that they were going to 634 Louisa St. (The Country Club). Seems like I have an issue with every one of my trips to or from that place, always involving young over-privileged punks!
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Older couple from California, I would stop and explain the law. Group of young guys, don't even bother, they will one star you for not breaking the law. In general if they are a group, locals, or young they're going to rate you low if you accept and won't let them drink. But there's no hard fast rule, if they seem at all entitled don't bother giving them a chance. I haven't had this occurring as often lately, probably only took one or two drivers canceling on them before they realized that if they wanted a ride they better finish the drinks first.
I will keep it locked, roll the window down and let them know they can't bring the drinks. If they say, "Oh, no problem" and drink them or toss them immediately then I'll take them. ANY argument and I tell them they need to cancel and order again once they are done drinking up. Then I drive away. 90% will cancel.

I used to just tell them no and park duwn the road and collect the no show fee but we don't have that where I am.

I generally just tell folks with messy food they are eating to cancel, finish and call an uber. If I tell them no eating and they bring the food they almost always will try to eat it anyway. If it's bagged up and they are going home it can go in the back (I have a hatchback) but when they're already halfway through a taco or digging out fries it never ends well if I take them. At the least it's greasy fingerprints everywhere.
why doesn't UBER make some static cling signs NO FOOD NO DRINKS NO SMOKING/VAPING that we can put on the window of each door like the cab drivers have...
$5 or so on ebay.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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