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Had to do it again yesterday! Young guys with drinks!

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Yesterday (Saturday) I get an XL ping on St. Charles Ave. 6 young guys walking toward the vehicle and every one of them has either a red Solo cup or a can of beer in his hand. I make sure the doors are locked and drive away. I see one of them run into the street with his hands help up in the air like the "Touchdown Jesus" acting all surprised that I'm driving off and canceling the trip. I wonder if the next Uber they ordered actually took them in. Hope not. I saw in my trip list from yesterday that they were going to 634 Louisa St. (The Country Club). Seems like I have an issue with every one of my trips to or from that place, always involving young over-privileged punks!
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It's a shame that Uber doesn't handle these types of customers. The young entitled ones are the worst! They really don't respect anyone or anything. I had one eat peanuts in my car. She left the shells all over my floorboard and backseat. True Story!!!

Who behaves like that? I haven't driven for Uber since. Customer service is one thing. Abuse is another.

I say leave them standing there.
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