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As we all know, how our pax rate us is crucial to our continued right to burn ourselves and our cars up in the fight to make minimum wage.

However, as far as I can tell there is no rating at which a pax is deactivated. The pax rating system does, or should, give guidance though to drivers in their decision whether to accept a ride or not. We help ourselves and each other when we give pax fair ratings.

Here is my rubric.

**** - The default. Waiting at the indicated pickup spot, or comes out promptly. Pleasant conversation or no conversation if backseat and engaged on phone or napping. Drive to pickup is reasonable for length of revenue trip.

*** - Wasted my time or gas or both. Long drive to pickup for short trip. Long wait at pickup or longer than momentary stops along the route. If the wheels ain't turning with a pax in the car you ain't earning. Difficult conversations will also get you this. I will never argue or debate a pax, but if I feel I'm biting my tongue about racist, homophobic or otherwise derogatory or profane language that will cost a star.

** - Loud, obnoxious or disrespectful. Doing something that is likely to get us pulled over or create an issue of safety.

* - Damage or defile my car (never happened to me). Major waste of my time and gas to save their ass from some situation that they put themselves in, without the slightest bit of recognition. Yup, I got stories.

So, how do you get *****

I think I'd like to buy a star Pat. Yup, call it crass, but money will buy you a star. The number one reason I rate people down is because they wasted my time or gas and cost me money. If people recognize that you drove 15 minutes to pick them up for a minimum fare trip that you lost money on and chuck you a few bucks then all is forgiven. Same goes for waits at pickup or stops along the way. Just any recognition that I'm doing you a favor would be fine.

Conversation so engaging that we were Facebook book friends before the trip was half through, smoking hot chicks, disabled people, unaccompanied minors, D list celebs, midgets and people who give really good neck massages from the back seat will also generally get 5 stars.
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