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Take the longest feasible route to the pax in the hopes that the pax cancels.... cancels are paid by time and mile with a base of $2
Just make sure you're heading toward the pax

Don't use the car in your profile... this one is my favorite

Keep the windows up and doors locked... don't acknowledge the pax

If you plan on going home.... accept that last trip and head home... they might cancel netting you a fee

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Three riders tried to scam me today. The first tried to act like she didn't know how to add a stop(bulls*!) for a 24 hour convenience store. When I attempted to show her she quickly retorts that she's out of data(more bulls**!). I give her the password to my car wifi. She acts like it doesn't work(still more bulls*!) We're at the store. It's packed, naturally, 1 forlorn cashier, line almost to the front doors. She says " I'm going to leave you a real good tip on the app". I almost verbalized the word "bulls*!" I did a glory shout in glee as I entered the address of that store ended the trip and bailed. Didn't know the address to the store huh? She will qhen she looks at her ride details. Easy $8 and some change! Thanks, Princess! 馃憤馃徔Like my man Biggue said, "If ya'll don't knowwww...now ya know....ya know..."馃榿
2nd...Arrive at Motel 6 7 or 8 whatever. Guy texted me that he's at a burger joint and when I looked it up it was 3 miles away! WTF? Next? Can I come there? Me? Sure. Do an add a stop to put where you are and I'll come to you. He says he's trying but " can't do it." Timer runs out, reason? Rider told me to cancel. And I drove a ways to get to him so I earned ANOTHER $8 and change. Thanks, chief!馃憤馃徔

And finally...the old add a stop but cancel when I get to the mid stop and get over on the driver. I knew what was up because when we get to the location he says, "you're waiting on me to take me back right?" I said, " yes sir." He gathers all his belongings thankfully. As he entered the hotel I immediately hit CONTINUE TO LAST STOP or whatever it is and sat back. As I suspected, 10 minutes went by and no show, no response to texts or calls. Entered hotel address and ended ride. About $15. 馃憤馃徔
Riders really think we're still stuck on stupid huh?
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