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Laws, policy, legislation are all made by human being to suit their need and for all. All we can try is to have collective feedback from as much drivers as possible and create sorta of union. And go from there. I don't even see a percentage chance they are not willing to do it unless they shut their business. 100 ppl can change anything pretty much. We can even take it to tv channels, radios or do some strikes(peacefull) if nothing happen.
Your thinking is good but
1) You will never get enough drivers to strike
2) Queensland Labour are too scared to do anything atm, although it seems DTMR have backed off completely after a few token tickets recently.
3) ASIC have no jurisdiction here.
4) Fair Work have shown no interest, the Liberal party are Uber supporters as evidenced by the ACCC coming out in support of Uber.
5) Hundreds of ripped off drivers vs thousands of supportive Uber riders will see the politicians probably side with the riders.
My hope is that politicians force rules on Uber that make the model nonviable ie insurance, this will pretty much close Uber. Keep thinking though.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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