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The whole trouble with trying to fight Uber over the 20% they take that they don't pay GST on is this: If fair work, the ATO, ASIC or whoever turns around to Uber and says you must charge GST on your take so the driver is not out of pocket. Uber relents and says ok. Uber controls the rates and can simply adjust our rates down giving some bullshit excuse about being busier and you are still no better off.

The only way it could possibly be resolved would be if Uber were forced to pay a minimum $ for min and per km. I can't see any department having the power to enforce this.
Min amounts per mile were enforced somewhere overseas, though Uber did not conform from memory. Someone else may have a little more insight?

If Uber were to pay GST on there take, they would them have to pay tax on their earnings. More chance of me winning lotto than this happening! Unless this somehow gets either legislated or enforced.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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