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Do you agree with the request?

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I have seen a lot of millennial derived crap from Lyft and Uber but I think this one really does take the cake. Are they that dillusional to post this? With that said, it seems there are ants who drive for non-surge rates so that may be the answer. Come on people, wake up. This plea from Lyft is wrong on so many levels and shows the lengths they will go to in order to stop you from making fair and equitable earnings.

I tell you if it's going to non-Californian drivers it might actually be a criminal offense to knowingly be soliciting non-citizens of the State to lobby lawmakers. Only California citizens are allowed input on laws that govern them.
Please, educate us with this supposed law Uber troll.

Im in L.A. and have not received anything like this.

Well, this article is big news. I find it interesting that U/L would only spent $7 per person on training.
All those figures and estimates are for full time employees, assuming 40 hours, for drivers, is that 40 hours logged on or pax in the car ? Will U/L try to set up work schedules?
As with the grocery store industry, management schedules everyone under 40 hours so they are classified as part time and receive no benefits.
Lots of questions and few answers.

Are you in Calif, too ?


Have to read it several times. The implications are very subtle.
We drivers value the flexibility of the work schedule. They are implying that will be taken away, when that issue has not been established yet. Frankly, I do not see most drivers as qualifying as full time employees. Does full time mean 40 hours of Logged On --- OR --- 40 hours pax related (a) receiving a call (b) driving to pickup (c) trip? Going to be a long week if the latter.
This could get interesting !! Who said the strikes did no good ????

This particular article is talking about California Legislation, so yes.
And while it is California Legislation, it does provide a platform from which other states can start proceeding with their own regulations. Eventually, with the gig economy companies skirting so many laws/regulations, I forese federal laws having to be addressed that specifically protect workers from these predatory companies.

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Everyone is... but how do you now it will be you who will make more than $1, and not me, or the another driver you just passed today. Today everyone has equal opportunity to make money, some will make more and some will make less. If the regulations force the company to do something, they will do it, but that will come at some other cost... and that's what no one is focusing on. There is only so much money to go around, if they are forced to pay someone more that means someone else will be out of a job... and how do you know you will be at the money receiving end and not at the out of the job end?
No everyone does NOT have equal opportunity to make money. The algorithm determines who gets rides and who doesn't based on many variables including how long you have been driving. I presume you are new to this otherwise you wouldn't have said that everyone has equal opportunity which they do not by any stretch of the imagination.
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