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Do you agree with the request?

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Don’t fall for it. Anything U/L is against is for their benefit, not ours. Don’t sign it!

Maybe we should be fighting harder to be treated like actual independent contractors. To make an informed decision like a true independent contractor, there needs to be transparency. We should know the upfront pay for each ride plus the destination BEFORE we accept a ride. They should not be allowed to automatically add riders that we did not accept and switch riders mid ride (gryft does both these things). There are so many more examples on how we don’t have the benefit of being an independent contractor.

They have all the control. I believe that If we could cherry pick the rides that work for us, it would increase the fares for all those long pickups. The minimum fares would increase. How about riders putting a tip in app prior to pick up? Those rides would be more desirable and would skirt the surge fares of which U/L keeps a large portion of.
1 - 1 of 77 Posts
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