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Do you agree with the request?

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When did this happen? I have heard nothing about this until this post.
No one actually cares about what we think. A broad set of regulations will be set up and then they will move on to the next issue.
Most important to me is a fair procedure for grievances, operated by a third party. These random permanent deactiviations for no obvious reason are unacceptable.
Running their businesses inefficiently while they rob the drivers and then crying how they are losing money -- unacceptable.
I will say this -- In May, I tracked my trips and Lyft's cut from my earning has dropped from 50% to about 34% but I also stopped renting a Lyft car.
It's an email I got this morning. Sounds like they're concerned that such a bill would drive them out of business. Fine by me.
1 - 3 of 77 Posts
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