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Its St Patties day (or something, IDK) and I get a ping at the end of a road. I mean the road just stops. Nothing. So I call asking for the right location. Girl says they are in the woods and will be out in a minute.

OK, I start to turn around knowing that this could be bad.

5 ppl come out (I can take 4) two girls and 3 guys. One girl has no shoes and can't walk, she has two friends helping her walk.

I tell the 'leader' (well, the one closest to the car) that I can't take 5, and that the girl that cannot walk is NOT getting in my car. Crying and yelling ensues. They tried to open my drivers side rear door (lol no, homey keeps that @@@@ locked until I let you in.

I gun it and dude that tried t open my door falls (mostly drunk, I'll assume). As I am driving away I cancel and set my reason an 'I feel unsafe'.

Two minutes later I get a call from uber support (that was quick) and had to explain why I just 'refused a ride'. LOL. Hey Pradeesh, Ms. Drinky Drunk Puke in a Bottle is NOT getting in my car, and there was 5 of them. Hung up.

This is the first I have driven in about 4-5 months... good to know things haven't changed.

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I’ve been driving part time for five years. The drunks never used to bother me, since January I’ve had three people puke in my car. It’s never worth the cleaning fee.

Of course, many other drivers skip the late nights and that’s why the surges are so high. My best Hour this year has been $55 and of course it came between 2 and 3 AM just before the bars close.

When I would drive early mornings, before the virus, how are usually make $75 or so in about four hours, but a lot more miles due to no surge.

I’ve started doing a few Walmart/airline baggage/tire deliveries, it’s a lot less stressful when you have merchandise instead of people.

Who knows what the answer is, but all of this is better than working for the man 50 hours a week.
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