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Greg from Lyft Corporate Takes An Uber

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Greg from Lyft Corporate Takes an Uber

"Something's coming. I can feel it, and it's coming right around the corner at me, Squadron Leader." - Steve McQueen as Captain Hilts, The Great Escape, 1963.

Presidents Day Holiday.
I had just dropped off at the San Diego Airport and not received a rematch. The numbers in the staging lot were low so I drove in, relieved myself and within a minute received a request. There was a short trip notification, and Uber promised to keep my place in the airport line. I started up and before I even got to the exit gate, some guy was standing in the travel path waving me down.
"Hi, I'm Greg, I'm your rider," he said when I rolled down the window.
Greg was wearing a black bomber type jacket, emblazon with the Lyft logo and markings across the chest that said Lyft Corporate.
Lyft Corporate is calling for an Uber? Something's coming, I could feel it.
Greg said he had called for the Uber from the lot but had set the pickup address a short distance away. He knew that the lot was one way so all he had to do was wait for the correct vehicle to come out. After confirming the destination was correct, we pulled out of the lot and started chatting. Greg works for Lyft, not only in their corporate office, but also as a recruiter. He was telling me that this week was slow; in the last week he had only earned a dollar value that was comparable to my monthly mortgage repayment.
"That's a slow week for you?" I questioned.
He talked about what he does with Lyft and how some nights when we change back to Daylight Savings; he might be out until 8pm at night, where he earns the dollar value of my mortgage, each day.
I was confused. Why was he taking an Uber? Didn't Lyft give him a corporate account?
Greg talked about some of the methods he used in recruiting which includes calling for Uber rides. I had my Lyft sticker on the front and rear window of my vehicle so, as far as he knew, I was not a candidate for recruiting.
Greg had a short ride to one of the mid scale hotels in the city. He said he was staying down on the harbor this week but lives in town. His character changed a little bit as I turned into the hotel when he started talking about dating women. Greg briefly commented on, despite his income, certain woman would not date him because he doesn't have a Fortune 500 company job, or a BMW. There was a lady sitting outside the hotel with her luggage, gazing down at her cell phone, clearly waiting for her rideshare driver to arrive. He made a comment about her that I let slide. I got the impression that he was bitter, but didn't take the matter further.
"Which of the two main Rideshare companies has the better internal support?" I asked him. Greg hedged on the answer, saying that they both have their advantages. The ride came to an end; I bid him ado, and ended the ride in the hotel valet area. Driving back to the staging lot, I went over my vehicle.
Dash cam - on. Trade dress - on. Vehicle - clean. Trash - nonexistent. Cleanliness - it had been a rainy day so the external was to be expected, the interior was good.
I checked the time of the ride - 13:29. I then went back into my emails and found an email from Lyft Supportat 13:10. In the week prior, Lyft Support and I were having, an "extended discussion" in relation to a matter. In the email of 13:10, Lyft had finally agreed with me. And fifteen minutes later Greg from Lyft Corporate requests me for a ride.
I wondered whether Greg from Lyft Corporate was sizing me up based on the Support matter. The timing of his appearance for a four minute and 23 second ride was uncanny.
I went home that night and thought no more of it.
For the record, it was a minimum fare that I had to request an adjustment on as Uber had charged him the airport pick up fee, but had not calculated the trip distance correctly.
Eight hours after the ride had ended, Greg from Lyft Corporate had not left a tip.
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I'd say a coincidence since your "extended discussion" was with Lyft and Greg requested you via Uber.
Is this the Greg you speak of?
Not that Greg. I will look in that database to see if I can identify him.
That is what Lyft recruiters do, standard MO. Call for Uber for a minimum ride. If you do Uber only they use their powers of persuasion to get you to sign up for Lyft
Maybe he was checking to see if you smelled like you had been drinking?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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