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Of all the low down despicable...

Idiotic...STUPID...things to do...8>O

Even monkeys don't do THAT....!!!

Humans...just when you thought...

They couldn't stoop any lower...8>(

I'm thinking you should report this...

Immediately to Uber...

Maybe this person has done this before...

Your info may allow the AI...

to do something constructive for a change...

Couldn't hurt...

Primate Vertebrate Mammal Organism Gesture

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And that is why it's important to have seat covers.
Seat covers?
That's hardly the problem here.

Dash cam.

Print flyers and post all over his neighborhood with his face and what he wrote.
Put on social media.
If you can figure out where he works, put flyers there also.

Ruin the piece of chit
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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