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Thank you Mr. Travis Kalanick for bringing your POS company to Orlando, thank you for getting the people hooked on it, and thank you for paying us a lousy 70%.

Tonight I got this run somewhere along "Pres Barack Obama Pkwy". That is all the address read an I could see the dot past Conroy road. After 3 beers and two glasses of wine, I had an uncontrollable need to urinate.

It was a priceless moment, sort of a climax of my UBER experience. I stopped my car, turned on my hazard lights, walked a few yards into the grass, set my manaconda free, then sprayed the green grass with a blonde shower. The moon above the palm trees was the only witness to my generosity right there on Pres Barack Obama Parkway.

I would love to see a beer summit between Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Travis Kalanick.

The fare paid me $9, got a 4 dollar cash trip, and dropped off these horny girls right after midnight.

The entire experience was priceless...

UBER rocks...
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