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I drive all night long. 11ish to 7ish. Pick 25-30 yr old dude in fox chapel at 4am. 7-10 min ride. I immediately know something "OFF" about this guy. Can see him staring at me with peripheral. Bumps my shoulder ( obviously next to me). Turn off Boyd Ave left up Freeport Rd and he reaches down and starts rubbing my leg! I'm 57 with GEEZER white goatee (lol). Hit the brakes and tell him to get out. He refuses. Pull into parking lot and put in park and repeat demand. He gets out. I drove toward city and called Uber within 2mins.
I really didn't think much of it til I got home. Then thought...what about other drivers? I'm 6-2, 250. What about 18yr old female driver, 140lb soakin wet male driver?
I think I should push it with O'hara twp police for others.
He had 5* rating? No way. He's lost priveliges before! Used different email and name?

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Uber definitely enforces their ‘no inappropriate contact’ rule. Reported a drunk guy for aggressively making out with a woman in my back seat. I got a call from Uber that night. Kicked him off the platform.

Go to the cops? It’s only indecent assault if there was ‘indecent contact’ under PA law. That means touching the buttocks, genital or pubic areas for males.

if you use a different phone with a different number, a different name & credit card. How would uber know it’s the same person? I mean they are tracking your location every time you open the app & sticking it in a database, but I doubt they’re cross checking that for the sign up process though haha.
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