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Got reported by pax

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Pax reported me for driving a different vehicle. I drive a Kia Sportage and received a ping from Woburn Collegiate in Scarborough around 11:00 am.
Pax texted me asking what kind of car i was driving (I guess pax were not familiar with Kia models). I promptly replied with a message saying: I'm driving a black SUV". After picking up the princess, drove her for 1.1 kms with out even one "hi" and tolerating her guidance for this "long ride".
Got paid $2.89 and had to deal with support for over 2 hours just to prove that i was really driving my own car.
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And pax never suffer consequences for this behaviour, almost negativly altering someone's life just because they don't know a lick about what a car looks like. After you prove the vehicle is yours the pax account should be deactivated, but no. They continue to do this to other drivers all over. This gets me heated.
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