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I was reported for like the 5 th time in a year to be under the influence/ and I’m a advocate against impaired driving and swear everytime Uber spoke with me I was clear and sober so they let me continue to drive: I know/ I should have gotten a dash cam - it’s been a rough year to say the least and I’m thankful for uber being able to help me make my bills ect..:. However with what I said above/::: the moment I ran out of gas with a passenger in the car lol ( my first time ever to evvver run out of gas)) Uber cuts off my online access: this was a month ago- and they still haven’t reactivated my Acct. they said I was permanently done: wow uber. Not for alleged impaired driving but for running out of gas Bc y’all don’t pay for it?!? Hahaha
anyone know how to hack into and get back online ?? Please help.

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Welcome to the UP.net jungle!
It's a sad day when you can't run out of gas on the job with Uber after being accused of drunk driving 5 times. They should give you more chances to prove yourself.

Running out of gas could happen to anybody! Could be a leak in your gas tank or maybe you didn't check your fuel gauge - doesn't really matter. We all know that passenger safety and convenience are not Uber's #1 priority. Shifting drivers is!

You should call support and threaten to sue. That seems to work.

Or go to the Green Light Hub and beg for the opportunity to drive people around for $6 per hour.

Good luck!

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I have 20,159 trips as of now. This thing has never happened to me. I guess I have a deterrence. I have 3 cameras recording, and I have this sign both inside and outside of the car.
Don't forget to buy dashcams and recording signs after you get reactivated. Good luck!

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