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Got 2.0x instead of fixed surge in Philly

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I live in South Jersey. On Saturday Nights I usually set the destination filter to west philly hoping to get a pax to pay my toll for the late surges. Tonight I got a ride into south South Philly. Before I dropped off the pax, with the DF still on, I got a request for Xfinity Live and it said 2.0x. I was sure it was a mistake, but took it anyway. I was wrong, it actually gave me the 2.0x. I'm hoping someone else doesn't tell me it was a $15 surge there at that time
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the computers started going wacky a few weeks ago about 3 am last nt late..you got it early ..nice.....only route hans,,,any driver who goes down broad street should be giving a demerit..
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