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Good Sunday

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Saturday was amazing, as I wasn't stupid enough to get caught on 95N like some idiot rookie driver, and I cleaned up, but Sunday I had a real nice string of ld surge trips. I'll wait a week to go on strike. I actually had to turn down a $160 trip at 2:30pm bc I was just so damn tired. Hate myself for that in hindsight, but I had to get home to my Filipino wife.

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All from Norristown, PA. There was a Ja Rule concert or some shit.
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i got my wife trained....i come and go when i want. i am happy doing my 40 trips a week..this week 43.. as long as the math is good 3.5 days work
Hmmm. 40 trips a week. You say you make like $1500 a week when you're lazy, so you apparently average about $37.50 a ride or something... I seem to remember you saying I should be fired for my acceptance rate. What's yours, Bobby?
its usally $40 avg a ride about $1600 all i need is 2 long trips a week to make it happen....last week ..no far rides.
, but I had to get home to my Filipino wife. seems like u got alot of hate as u are not married and am mocking me,
if it was not for the good nice people on the forum...antree , nick, many guys.. i would post all 5 to 6 last weeks hot spots and events early as you are a jerk...but i wont hurt or cross my friends and many do thier homework better than i do. Your pay check for week 1500. Your attitude miserable. My pay check for the week 1300. My attitude fantastic. Are you wanna calm man about wives I'll be I'll be 56 this is a smile I come home to every day buddy you should be so blessed.... I can't help it if I have a great wife maybe you should try it. Fixing the attitude helps though
Ha! Bobby, your attitude is garbage! That's why I blocked YOU! Like the other day DelaJoe posts how to make $800 a day. He's giving instruction and advice. You come on here and somehow take it as a personal attack!!!

Same thing happened when I told people acceptance rate doesn't matter. You pop on and say I should be fired and somehow take it personally. so please don't talk about attitude or stability, man. Only drivers you like or would help on here are the ones that stroke your ego.

And that picture is obviously you in a wig, man.
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see what you did hans
Lol. Not my fault. I told everyone to find a real job by summer and phl hits 200+. And it gets nasty down there. Low earnings, tight parking, and hot weather make it a real uncomfortable place to be with tempers flaring. I have 2 interviews lined up for tomorrow. Can't wait.
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