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Yes I'm still fairly new, just finished my 10th week, 858 lifetime trips. I've had more than one instance of rating discussions, usually it's with multiple women on the ride. One woman asking what her friends UBER rating is. I had one very interesting trip though yesterday, picked up a couple on Polk, they asked to make a stop because he'd left something at someones house the night before, he got out of the car and she immediately asked me his UBER rating is, I saw the rating before I had picked them up so I was a bit apprehensive. She seemed like a very nice woman though so i revealed to her that he's a 4.6 passenger. Hehe, moment of silence then she says, "Interesting." She mentioned also that she gives job interviews at her company multiple times a week and that one of her favorite questions for the interviewee's is to ask what their UBER/Lyft ratings are. After he got back in the trip was 10-15 more minutes and she shifted the conversation to about how great UBER is and how it's changed transportation so much yada yada yada, so then she asks him what his UBER rating is. "HA!! I don't even have to look my rating is 4.8, and I am in an UBER constantly" I caught her eye in my mirror and gave her a smile and wink as I pulled up his info "Yeah, yeah what he said...4.8 yeah" I said. She nodded and swiftly started talking about being hungry for dinner.

Anyhow, I thought that was such a great idea for a job interview question.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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