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Beware... LONG POST with some tongue in cheek.

Yesterday I did suburb runs. I couldn't get out of the burbs for nothing. When I move towards the city I got sucked back into the same area. I finally make it to ORD (had to turn off the app, because i kept being sent bk to Schaumburg and the like for 1 mile rides.

At ORD I figured I had a chance to get to downtown. On every typical day for me most of all my rides are headed to Chicago. On this particular day when I want to go to the cityl, of course the pax wants to go to the burbs. F'ing. South BARRINGTON!!!!!

I take him, ride was uneventful.

Side note: Pulled up to this huge mansion. Of course No tip.


While in Barrington, I got a few pings the 1st pings was more than I usually go for a pick up l, 4 miles. I figured I would do it this time as it was probably my only way out of this scarcely populated area of million dollar mansions and such.

Anyway, pax canceled as I was on my way, @$!#! I should have followed my own rule, but decided to take the chance but pax canceled.

I immediately get another ping. thank goodness! It was a little less mileague this time probably 2.5 miles.

I finally get to the address after driving a lot of winding dark roads in another million dollar mansion community in South Barrington. Once I arrived I pulled into a long meandering driveway and wait...wait... and wait.. probably at 2.5 mins.

No one came out, I decided to text pax, against my rule #2. Since I was in someone's driveway that I was unsure of...I felt I was evading some one private space not knowing that I was in the right place.

Turns out, It was the wrong address!! A drop pin nonetheless. The guy texts me the right address. It was 2 miles from where I was. @$!#!!!


Anyway, I cancel after that. I get my cancellation fee. I look at the address and @$!#&*^%@!!! It was to an address near where I live. It was about an 30 mile ride. I literally swore outloud. You've got to be kidding. This is Just my luck, just my luck.

So today, I get a ping in my neighbor and as luck has it, it is the same guy I canceled on. Same name and same address.

Just my luck.

I hope he didn't remember me, he didn't mention it and I didnt either.

That is why God hates me. And oh. UBER TOO. Oh wait is Uber God?


(Waiting on uptight responses...*files nails*)


sounds like trouble,count me in !

( God is no longer P.C.)
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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